Significant numbers of tax agents and their clients are receiving emails that look very similar to the normal business and tax newsletters and email correspondence from the ATO, even so far as the email address and letterhead.

An email which is being sent to taxpayers is an "increase and recalculation of your tax refund" email scam which has a form attached to it asking for personal details.   The forms are often copies of electronic tax returns which have been modified to include additional information specifically credit card details.   These forms are looking quite sophisticated.

The Australian Taxation Office is aware of these email scams and is attempting to educate the public via the media and a list of current ATO SMS and email activities, however many taxpayers are not even aware that these events are occurring at all.  The old adage applies that if it looks to good to be true, it usually is.

If you have any concern about the legitimacy of emails claimed to be originating from the ATO please contact us urgently on 49 577 574.