"We have worked with the Power2 team since 2002 with great results. In four years we went from working 60 hours per week and an uncertain retirement plan to taking more holidays and a fully-funded retirement plan. We continue to work with Power2 on increasing our profitability and realising the full retirement value of a business we have worked on for 25 years. Power2 is an affordable straight shooter who challenges the norm, takes responsibility for their advice and delivers a quality service."

Geoff and Di Catto, Geoff Catto Electrical

"I recently requested Power2 to arrange the finance for my first investment property. The whole process was made much easier because my consultant already had most of the financial information I needed for the application from my tax records on file with Power2. I didn't have to change banks and it was sorted with a minimum of fuss – two days before the finance date. In addition to arranging the finance, Power2 helped me understand the tax implications of my rental property and the sorts of records I needed to keep to maximise the tax advantages."

Damien Michie, Mackay

"After my husband passed away I had a difficult time. the Power2 team supported me then and have since ensured my investments were sensible and my Centrelink entitlements were maximised. We have included my family in organising estate planning matters and paid little or no tax using superannuation strategies. Power2 has guided me through every change in the share market, tax office rule changes and property asset decisions. The team is friendly, professional and approachable and I recommend them without reservation."

Carol Ackerman, Seaforth